Maximus Brood Raises £177 For Charity

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We Raised

Maximus Brood raised £177 for Diabetes UK during Saturdays 24hr Gaming Marathon.

Maximus Brood hosted a 24hr StarCraft 2 Gaming Marathon on Saturday 28th January to raise money for UK based charity, Diabetes UK. The UK's leading diabetes charity brings together organisations to work in partnership to help support people with diabetes, make research breakthroughs with the ultimate aim of finding a cure.

The Team successfully raised £177 for the charity through their online donations sites, and justgiving/fundraising/24hrSC2

Starting at 10am Fluffy and Artanis introduced the show shortly followed by Savage joining with some 3v3 action seeing the boys promoted from Gold 3 through to the Platinum divisions in a matter of minutes.

Fluffy took the reigns at 12noon to do some troll builds suggested by the viewers, some from the rival team The Drunken Outlaws. Savage proceeded with some games and a Best of 3 with Grand Masters player [FoFoG]GamerRichy currently ranked 524th in the world.

Richy stuck around for a couple of hours to cast the clan spontaneous clan war with The Drunken Outlaws in which Maximus Brood came out victors 3 games to 2, the series being sealed at 3-0.

The Team enjoyed an inhouse tournament which saw Savage once again lift the trophy in a much harder rematch final against Darwin.

The nightshift guys took over with SkillZ, Darwin, Haxorico and Flourjin playing some 4v4 arcade and custom matches followed by Fluffy at 4am GMT. Artanis picked up the remains of the event at 9am after a grooling 15hrs previously sat infront of the monitor.

The money will be donated as soon as possible and a receipt will be uploaded here.

Thank you to all that donated and took part, it will be going to an amazing chartiy!

Comment written by Savage on 2017-01-30

Top job everyone!

Comment written by KaisErMB on 2017-03-27

i need carity Yell